Pumpseat is a range of comfortable, inflatable , sofa style event seating. Our flagship product is called the “Big 6″ and comprises of four 3 seater units and two corner units. Together with the corners, The Big 6 seats up to sixteen adults comfortably. These units are modular and interconnecting and can be deployed in an infinite number of configurations. Freestanding couches, ottomans and coffee tables are also available. Other accessories include slip covers, brandable stretch fabric covers, electric blowers and hand pumps.


Pumpdome is a ninety square meter inflatable geodesic dome. Pumpdome can be branded and used as a wind and rain proof structure or simply as a shaded area for any kind of event. Pumpdome creates an interesting and functional focal point, drawing people in and creating an unforgettable atmosphere.


Pumped Industries is a Cape Town based company which, in association with Ark Inflatables, produces a range of comfortable and durable furniture and structures using inflatable boat technologies and materials. Our range currently consists of the Pumpseat and the Pumpdome.


Where can Pumpseat and Pumpdome be used?

Pumpseat and Pumpdome can be used at any indoor or outdoor event where a comfortable seating and structural solutions are needed.

Pumpseat and Pumpdome are ideal for smaller scale events like weddings, birthdays, promotions and corporate launches.

Large public events such as dance events, raves, concerts and music festivals can use Pumpseat and Pumpdome to create comfortable chill areas, VIP lounges and backstage seating areas for artists, their entourages and crew.

Pumpseat and Pumpdome can be deployed on exhibition stands and at trade shows and fairs in rest areas and food courts.

Sporting events such as cycle tours and marathons can also make use of the Pumpseat and Pumpdome systems in the following ways: in medical tents, start/finish areas, rest and spectator zones, VIP lounges and sponsored areas.

Sponsors of events and companies vending products at events can use Pumpseat and Pumpdome as a vehicle for branding, upping their profile and pumping their brand in a fun and functional way.

Pumpseat can even be used by emergency services to enhance the well being of survivors of natural disasters and displaced peoples.

Who uses Pumpseat and Pumpdome and why?

Pumseat and Pumpdome are available to event managers and planners, organizers and promoters.

Companies can use Pumpseat and Pumpdome as a vehicle for branding.

People at any kind of public or private event use Pumpseat and Pumpdome for relaxing, socializing and increased wellbeing.

Must they go together?

Pumpseat a Pumpdome complete each other, giving a safe and weatherproof structure with comfortable seating inside.

They can also be rented or purchased separately.

How do we get Pumpseat and Pumpdome?

Pumpseat and Pumpdome are available to purchase or rent.

Companies who elect to invest in their own branded units can also use Pumped Industries storage, deployment and maintenance service.


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